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Did krishna love rukmini

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I agree that Krishna and Radha were in eternal love. Lets clear a point about the meaning of love in this context. Love doesn't mean that you have to get married. Marriage is just a symbolization. In Fact, marriage is a material thing and Krishna doesn't give a darn to material things. Krishna and Radha were attached to each other mentally.

Why Krishna didn’t marry Radha – Truth and Lessons

That's why we still say Radhe-Krishna and not Rukmini-Krishna. Rukmini had done a lot of work to acquire Krishna. She had went against her brother Rukmi. Rukmini, like Radha was in love with Krishna. Rukmini had sent a letter of plead to Krishna that He should come and take Rukmini.

The letter was composed of 7 glistening shlokas. They touched Krishna's heart and he had to accept Rukmini's plead and make her, his first wife. The marriage of Radha and Krishna, on the other hand doesn't really matter.

Again, because it is a material thing. And what doesn't matter, there is no need to ask why it didn't happen. Because, there is no need of it happening. Plain Answer : There was no need of the marriage of Radha and Krishna.

As you rightly pointed out in your question, they were bound by eternal love.Also how much he loved to Radha. Later on, Krishna had gone Mathura promising to Radha that he would come back soon. But the chapter of Radha got closed then after. Radha became like a side character of a movie disappearing after the interval. According to the story, Krishna and Rukmini had never met each other.

Then, how did Krishna become ready to marry Rukmini whom he had never seen? How a person can love someone so deeply without seeing?

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Krishna glory was famous everywhere. Many princesses might be ready to die for him if they could get Krishna as their life-partner. Could Krishna marry all of them? But one Letter of Rukmini to Krishna about her devotion and love for him and she wished that — he should come and take her away, easily made Krishna take a risk to steal her from the marriage ceremony. This proves that Krishna and Rukmini already had love relationships.

They had already met each other several times, but when…. These aspects give us hints that Radha and Rukmini might have been the same character. They are not different at all. Rukmini is just the Spiritual representation of Radha. They are one. Lord Krishna used same principal to marry Radha or so-called Rukmini as both were the same actually.

He projected both with the help of Superposition. Neither she is mentioned in any Puranas written in the Chaitanya era. But Mahabharat describes an unknown Gopi who was the favorite of Krishna whom he plays with as a young boy.

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She is described as special to Krishna. So, the whole relationship of Radha and Krishna emerged during the Bhakti movement in India, through the Gita Govinda, which makes Radha a symbol of unconditional love for Krishna, love that needs no validation from society and love that does not restricts itself in the name of cultural norms. Both were elder to Krishna. It means when there was Radha, there was no Rukmini. Similarly, when there was Rukmini, there was no Radha.

Radha Krishna love can never be approached from the physical parlance. It is indeed supreme and has to be viewed as a form of devotion.

Love and Marriage are two different things…love is a selfless emotion while marriage is an agreement or arrangement. Radha is not a separate individual from Krishna. You need two individuals to marry. Radha Krishna love can never be approached from any earthly definitions and explanations.

It is unparalleled and an amazing example for the human race to proclaim the supreme union between the human and divine. Radha Krishna divine love stands in our memories forever guiding and inspiring the journeys of humans towards realizing their inner divinity.

It is a beacon light to our spiritual life.She was believed to be known for her beauty, love, and honesty. Rukmini is the first and prominent queen of Lord Krishna — The king of Dwarika. She is well-known in Hindu legends as the principal wife of Lord Krishna.

According to Bhagwat Purana ancient Hindu doctrineLord Krishna valiantly kidnapped her and saved her from an unwanted marriage with a wicked Shishupal. Krishna took her away and married her. Rukmini is also considered to be a personification or Avatar of Devi Lakshmi the goddess of fortune. Goddess Lakshmi as her one of the avatars took birth in the Earth as Rukmini in the family of Bhismaka.

Wherever and whenever the name of Krishna is chanted, there also lies the name of Rukmini. Rukmini was the daughter of Bhishmaka — the king of Vidarbha. Rukmini fell in love with Krishna and longed for Krishna. According to the Mahabharata and the Puranas, It is said that Rukmini is just as beautiful and virtuous as an apsara an angle. Krishna also fell in love with Rukmini as she was exceptionally beautiful and the most sought princess on Earth longed by many Kings of different lands.

Rukmi was a determined prince and wanted his sister Rukmini to get married to his friend Shishupala — the crown prince of Chedi. Shishupala was a good friend of Rukmi. Rukmini came to know about the plan of not letting her marry Krishna. She then immediately called the Brahman, Sunanda upon whom she had a huge trust. She asked him to deliver a letter to Krishna where she wrote about the conspiracy and asked Krishna to marry her.

She also mentioned that if Krishna refused to marry her then she would commit suicide. She requested Krishna to come to Vidarbha so that she could run off with him. Rukmini also pleaded Krishna not to fight with anyone because in the battle many of her family would die. As soon as Krishna got the letter, he left to Vidarbha with Balarama his brother. In the meantime, Shishupala was enchanted to get the news from Rukmi that she would marry him.

Goddess Rukmini – The First Wife of Lord Krishna

Rukmini received the news that Krishna was coming to her by their individual secret agent. Bhishmaka secretly received Krishna and wished that Rukmini get married to him.It is illustrative of the highest form of bondage between the divine and human. Radha and Lord Krishna are believed to have that pure bondage, which mesmerized each one who heard about it. Krishna and Radha are eternal partners as per Hindu scriptures and represent pure and unconditional love.

We all know the stories of their birth, their friendship tales of chasing each other, and their everlasting love. But have you ever wondered how did their love story end? Krishna unfolded his divine plays on the soils of Vrindavan and was divinely alluring all the Gopas and Gopikas living there. Enchanted by his divine beauty, mesmerizing personality, and supreme love, the young and the old at Vrindavan were drawn towards him. Krishna saved Vrindavan and all its inmates by killing the demons that attacked it at the behest of Kamsa, who constantly lived in fear of Krishna and wanted to see that Krishna was dead leaving him to live peacefully.

Whereas, Radha lived in a village called Repalli, which was a little away from Vrindavan. Radha was five years elder to Krishna and Krishna took extreme delight in spending time with Radha as her devotion for Krishna was far beyond compare. Krishna moved out from Vrindavan.

Relationship between Radha and Krishna and other wives of Krishna

Kamsa had sent an invite to Krishna through Akrura to visit the palace. Akrura had brought a chariot from Mathura, the city where Kamsa lived to take Krishna and Balarama. The news that Krishna would soon leave Vrindavan spread like a wildfire and a heavy cloud of grief hanged over the soils of Vrindavan.

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All the Gopas and Gopikas surrounded the chariot brought by Akrura and spent the whole night sleeplessly around it so that Krishna would not leave and would choose to stay with them forever.

Krishna left to Repalli to bid his farewell to Radha. Radha was devoted to Krishna from her heart and due to constant thinking of him; Krishna had in fact become inseparable from Radha having become one with her soul.

Lord Krishna & Radha Love Story is Historic & Inspiring

Both met there and just spent a few minutes without a word. Radha finally said that since Krishna had become her very soul, nothing can take away Krishna from her even when he left her physically. There was no much of emotions between them. Krishna had made Radha aware, the purpose of her divine incarnation as that of demonstrating the power of true devotion and she was firmly committed to her mission in spirit.

Krishna silently left the scene and tactfully convinced the Gopas and Gopikas and together with Balarama, left for Mathura with Akrura. Years passed by, Krishna had killed Kamsa and Sisupala and several other demons as part of his divine mission and had built a wonderful kingdom in Mathura, which was transported overnight to Dwaraka amidst the sea in order to safeguard the inmates from demons.

She was all the time living the life of contemplation thinking about Krishna. She had no place for anything else in her life. However, being forced by her mother, she had to marry a man and raise her children.Although Lord Krishna and Radha Rani are portrayed together, they never got married. There are numerous temples all around the world depicting Lord Krishna and Radha together; however, the underlying reality is that they are not married like Lord Rama and Sita Mata.

However, we do not know much about Radha who is considered as the foremost devotee and lover of Lord Krishna. They are one soul residing in two separate bodies. Tales are galore about the eternal love that Lord Krishna shared with Radha. Who can simply forget the beautiful scenes when Lord Krishna used to play the flute, and sing and dance with his beloved Radha. Vrindavan is still witnessing to the immortal love that happened between Lord Krishna and Radha.

Still, Lord Krishna never married Radha.

Lord Krishna and Rukmini devi marriage

This question has bothered every devotee of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. Scholars time and again have tried to answer this question in their own way. However, it is to be remembered that the love and bonding that Lord Krishna shared with Radha is not like the mundane love affair between a boy and a girl. It is a love that exists between a devotee and the Supreme Lord.

did krishna love rukmini

Lord Krishna personifies Supreme Godhood, and Radha represents the ultimate devotee. The flute of Krishna represents the call of the Ultimate.

It is well known that Radha came running whenever Krishna played the tunes on his flute. It shows the love and bonding that exists between God and a devotee.

Although Lord Krishna and Radha are physically separated, they are spiritually one entity. The Radha Krishna relationship can be best seen as the union between Jivatma — the individual self and Paramatma — the universal self. The eternal love story of Radha Rani and Lord Krishna has continued to mesmerize millions of devotees across generations. Lord Krishna was rebellious at the spirit and could have done anything to marry Radha. However, he chooses not to marry Radha.The Radha- Krishna entanglement was such a pure and mythical tale.

Even today, this amour stands as one of the most adulated story of all times! Krishna, the 8th incarnation behind Vishnu, is the Supreme Power of all Gods. When Krishna was a small little lad, he would go by the lake, in Gokul, and start playing the flute for the grazing cows. One would say he became the best flute player due to daily playing of the flute! As he played so brilliantly just as a virtuoso, all the cowgirls and Gopis literally stopped their work, flocked and dance around him.

He had monsoon-blue skin, almond-shaped eyes, lotus-pink lips, curly black hair, a chiseled body, and a few peacock feathers in his hair to tie up the look. Krishna was a nasty little fellow during his youth. However, this love story never reached its maturity because, Krishna left Vrindavan at the age of 12 to study at his Gurukul. But there also evolved a chimerical that Radha and Krishna were secretly married in Vrindavan. They were not bound in holy matrimony and yet they were soulmates.

As Radha was also married, she tried to cease the feelings she had for Krishna, but in vain. Nevertheless, she accepted her devotion to Krishna. As Radha was deeply devoted to Krishna, Radha Krishna is taken as relationship between a devotee and God. Radha thought about Krishna each second of her life. Krishna on the other hand was a King and had duties to fulfill. Infact Marriage is an agreement and Love is a selfless, pure emotiona shares by two lovers.

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Love is True. Love is Pure. Marriage happens between two individuals. Radha and I are two bodies having one soul. How is it possible to get married then? There was one more myth which supported their negligence for marriage. Why Rukmini? In the last moments of her life when Radha was on the pount of death, Krishna appeared before her and granted her a final, departing wish.

did krishna love rukmini

Krishna played the most melodious tune that was never played before, and dedicated it to Radha. Listening to its sweet and divine melody, Radha merged in Krishna.

did krishna love rukmini

With this, Krishna decided that it was his final rendering of the flute.Out of these, Devi Rukmini was believed to be most devoted towards the Lord.

Following is the fascinating story of how Rukmini got married to Lord Krishna. Devi Rukmini was daughter of Bhismak, who was king of Vidarbha. Rukmi was brother of her, who wanted her to marry Shishupal.

Bhismak heard the tale with full attention and wanted her to marry Lord Krishna. His daughter too enjoyed the tale. But Rukmi had a strong opposition against Lord Krishna. Ignoring the wish of his father, he was not ready to get his sister married to Lord Krishna.

So he invited Shishupal, who came to marry Rukmini. Rukmini was determined to marry Lord Krishna.

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She sent a letter to Krishna through a loyal Brahmin and declared a fast unto death. The letter said that She has declared him as her husband and will not accept anyone else.

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This is upto the Lord to save her. The messenger returned to Kundanpur with an assurance from Lord Krishna.

did krishna love rukmini

Lord Krishna too called the charioteer and set out at once for Kundanpur. All houses, streets and lanes were cleaned and sprinkled with scented water. All the men and women folk donned new clothes and ornaments. King Bhismak worshipped his ancestors and gods and welcomed the everyone. Princess Rukmini was given ceremonial bath and donned with auspicious clothes and bracelets. All these while, she was eagerly awaiting for Lord Krishna. She had received the news that Dwarakadhish Krishna had planned to take her away.

She was feeling overwhelmed in her heart. Seeing Lord Krishna arrived intently in the marriage ceremonies of his daughter, her father welcomed him. At the same time, She emerged from her palace to go to the temple of Ambikadevi, soldiers were guarding her.

I seek your blessing that may my wish be fulfilled and may I receive Sri Krishna as my husband. Just then, Lord Krishna appeared before her.

Before she could ride her chariot Lord lifted her from amidst the crowd. And in the presence of hundreds of kings, Krishna and Balarama eloped away with bride. Hearing that Krishna has eloped with bride, Rukmi and all other kings present there became angry. Accompanied by their huge armies, they decided to give them a chase.

But Yadav soldiers were brave and they defeated everyone. All the kings like Jarasandh fled for their lives.

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